Dependable boiler service by the experts in Northampton

We provide comprehensive boiler replacement, installation, servicing and repair services to domestic customers.


At Barricks Gas, we provide installation services for all major types of boilers, namely combination or combi boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers.
  • Combi boiler: This type of boiler is installed to take care of your central heating and domestic hot water needs. The water is heated straight from the main supply which means there is no need for a cold water storage tank or a hot water cylinder which saves space. The installation is quick and it is easy to use. It is efficient and very economical.
  • Conventional boiler: These boilers require more space as they come with the cold and hot water cylinders. However, the flow of water remains same through all taps, operating at the same time.
  • System boiler: These boilers are easy to install, have a high performance capacity and are efficient. They are easy to install and are extremely reliable. They are installed when there is a need for more water.


A household is dependent on a boiler to a great extent, for its hot water and heating needs. Scheduled servicing and maintenance of the boiler reduces the risk of faults and breakdowns. A boiler which is serviced at planned intervals has a higher fuel efficiency compared to a boiler which is not maintained well. Servicing also reduces the risk of carbon monoxide leakage, which can be lethal even in small quantities. Get in touch with us for the scheduled maintenance and servicing of your boiler.


Is your boiler not able to meet your heating expectations? Discuss your boiler issues with us and we will identify the faults and repair them. A faulty boiler is not only poor on fuel efficiency and performance, but may also prove to be a dangerous hazard. A malfunctioning boiler may emit carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous and can even cause death. If your boiler is not performing as expected, call and talk to our experts. With years of experience in boiler maintenance and repairs, our team is fully equipped to inspect your boiler and repair it quickly. 
Looking for a reliable boiler service in Northampton? 
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